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We are a small hobby breeder located outside of the Sandy Run area of South Carolina.   We  strive for soundness in health, temperament, and conformation, breeding only select individuals whose qualities will contribute to the betterment of the breed. 

 Debbie became interested in the Komondor in 1999 and acquired her first show Komondor in 2000.  Her first litter was whelped in 12/2003.  Debbie is a Professional Dog Trainer and currently serves as an officer for the Komondor Club of America.  She is the CHIC liaison between the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the Komondor Club of America. She is a CGC Evaluator for the American Kennel Club and a member of The Columbia Kennel Club , Carolina Working Group Association and the Australian Shepherd Club of America. 
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Ch. Meadow View Rolling Stone of Kevilyn

Kevilyn's Fischer Finlay of Meadow View

Ch. Meadow View Rolling Stone at Kevilyn

Ch. Kevilyn's Zealed With A Kiss of Meadow View

Ch. Kevilyn's Zealed With A Kiss Of Meadow View 

Ch. Meadow View Rolling Stone at Kevilyn

Kevilyn's Komondorok * is listed on the Komondor Club of America's breeder directory and have met the criteria to become an AKC Breeder of Merit.
All dogs used for breeding have passed the necessary health requirements as mandated by the Komondor Club of America's Breeders Code of Ethics.  Hips are radiographed for dysplasia and submitted to the  Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. The eyes have been examined by a Board Certified Canine Ophthalmologist and submitted to the 
Canine Eye Registry Foundation.  Dentition certification as well as DNA for Degenerative Myelopathy have been submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Careful attention is paid to temperament.  As Komondors are a natural Livestock Guardian, puppies must be socialized and most breeders will require some form of Puppy Socialization classes so that your Komondor can interact with others as an adult.  Prospective homes for puppies must be willing to spend the time necessary to ensure their puppy will grow up to be a well balanced dog and as a result, homes are carefully screened.

*Komondorok (kō′men dôr′ek) is Hungarian plural

Kevilyn's Honorable Judge Dredlocks
Kevilyn's Levin

Kevilyn's Honorable Judge Dredlocks

​​Kevilyn's Levin

It's official!  Lucy (Ch. Kevilyn's Zealed With A Kiss of Meadow View) finished in the top five and therefore received an invitation to the Westminster Dog Show held at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  We are so proud of her!
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